Indonesia Cruise Itineraries

The most memorable Indonesian BOAT cruise itineraries offer THE BEST natural beauty, traditional legacy, culture and novelty along with convenient and interesting ports and stops along the way. Whether you are yachting as a cabin cruise or taking advantage of the flexibility of a private charter, sailing the Indonesian archipelago proves time and time again to be the complete package for discerning travelers. Indonesia is a year-round cruising destination—choose to hike to fantastic heights and witness the tri-colored beaches of Padar in Komodo ISLAND National Park or dive with the Whale Sharks of Kaimana Triton Bay as you learn about the symbiotic relationship between these gentle giants and the local fisherman. A full week or longer ON A TOUR OF sea means you can see more of Indonesia’s’ stunning flora, fauna, and landscapes than on a shorter cruise TRIP. Explore the itineraries below and find your perfect blend of land, sea and everything in between.

Komodo Itineraries


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