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Nautilus Cruises Komodo designs exquisite sailing charters around the Sunda Islands and Flores. Our Komodo Cruises are tailored to meet the needs, style, budget and timeframe of your individual preference. All cruises are suitable for adults and children of all ages.

Padar and Rinca Island, just a few gems amongst the treasures of Komodo National Park, boast stunning sceneries above and below the surface. Komodo islands offer the perfect playground for photographers, scuba divers, hikers, snorkelers and beach strollers.

Whether you are looking to dive or snorkel, sea kayak, explore nature & culture or simply spend a few days with your family and friends in an extraordinary environment – we are experts in private Luxury Cruises in Komodo and ready to design your perfect escape.

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Komodo and Flores Island Luxury Yacht Charters

Luxury Cruises in Komodo have become one of the most sought-after experiences for travelers seeking a remarkable holiday in Indonesia.

Experience the unmistakable nostalgia of traveling back in time on a traditional Indonesian sailing vessel. The wooden Phinisi was used for centuries amongst seafarers and explorers.

The sensation of cruising on one of these extraordinary yachts harkens back to a time of classical sailing, evoking the feeling of authentic adventure and exhilarating discovery. At the same time delivering the highest standards of comfort and unparalleled service.

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Why Book your Yacht with Nautilus Cruises?


We only work with a personally selected range of yachts. These yachts offer the highest service standards and provide the leading facilities for their guests. 


Our team combines decades of experience. We will help you create your customized cruise according to your preferences, budget and interests.


Our curated experiences are tailored to fit the needs of families and groups of friends which are in search of a remarkable luxury escape – a boat trip beyond the reach of any “normal holiday” and off the beaten track of run-of-the-mill tourism.

The Komodo Dragons


The legendary dragons of Komodo National Park are certainly not to be missed when Cruising Komodo. This UNESCO heritage site is now the only place in the world where you can see this prehistoric predator.

The Dragons are 8 – 10 feet (3 meters) in length and truly one of kind experience – especially when active during the morning hours. The rangers on Komodo and Rinca Island will take you on a guided trek around the mountains and savannas to encounter the worlds largest lizards in their natural and rare and fragile habitat.

Along the way, there is a good chance to spot other wildlife, such as horses, the Timor deer (the main prey of the Komodo), wild boars, fruit bats, over 30 species of birds and the hefty water buffalos cooling down from the days warmth in an even larger mud bath.

Flowers & Mantas


The island name “Flores” is derived from the Portuguese word for “flowers” – and the island and its surrounding formations are indeed blessed with magnificent landscapes of spectacular nature. Flores island and the Komodo islands are separated by the Flores Sea. Between them lies a string of islets, each one is blessed with breathtaking scenery and things to discover.

The channels between the islands are nutrient rich due to the many current-swept flows in the area and are home to a variety of Marine animals. Graceful Manta Rays are permanent residents in these waters and there is a high chance to encounter these gentle giants throughout the park. Furthermore, Dugongs, Dolphins, a variety of sharks and ray species regularly are spotted in the rich waters of the Komodo National Park.

Whether you like to dive or snorkel, the underwater scenery of Flores offers an array of special encounters.


Beaches & Culture

Not to be over looked, Komodo National Park offers a excellent variety of beaches and bays to explore. Visit Padar, hike to its peak and enjoiy the magnificent view of its tri-color shores! Snorkel along a pink beach and take a break to sunbathe on the soft coral-hued grains. Enjoy a romantic beach sunset on the quiet shores of virgin sands or a family barbecue whilst snorkeling in between bites!

The cultural tours to the islands are a hallmark of our service and will leave a lasting impression – not only on your camera. The relaxed fishing villages are proud to give you an insight into their daily lives and their unique handicrafts will cement your memories.

Dynamic Diving

Even though when cruising Komodo National Park, amazing flora and fauna can be found just a few meters beneath the surface, making snorkeling an excellent and fulfilling activity. But if you want to go deeper, diving opens up another world. With the best diving conditions between March and October, you can look forward to encounter amazing coral life, pelagic fishes like giant trevally, barracuda, and manta rays, black and white tip sharks, sometimes hammerheads and all kinds of rare nudibranchs like sea horses and frog fish.

5 Days/4 Nights Voyage Komodo – A short escape

7 Days/6 Nights Central & South – Ultimate Komodo

10 Days/9 Night Komodo & Sumbawa – Dragons & Volcanos



How to get to Labuan Bajo?

From Bali’s International Airport it will take you only an hour to arrive in Labuan Bajo – the port city of Flores. Labuan Bajo is the gateway into Komodo National Park. At the moment domestic flights are available from from Jakarta and Bali, however it will open up to international flights from Singapore soon.

What to bring on a Komodo Cruise?

What is the season for Cruises in Flores?

In general, cruises around Flores are possible all year round but the best weather conditions are April– October.


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